November 16, 2018

BP Claims: BP Claims may settle out for 30 Billion Quickly

BP insider says BP about to pay 30 Billion to settle BP Claims

BP Claims News: A BP insider reported to Reuters that BP may want to settle many its BP claims after the February trial date. The trial would solidify who was at fault for the Macondo well blow out. A recent report that was finished this week, put the blame squarely on BP`s shoulders. Halliburton and Transocean did share some of the responsibility, but due to the lack of oversight, cutting corners, and not releasing all the information to it`s partners, BP was ultimately responsible for the Gulf Disaster. report, also see BP Business Claims

My sources that are very involved with the litigation and the BP Claims process think that BP will make a large push to settle out as many claims as possible, before the February trial date. We are seeing BP Claims get paid at a record rate. By both Adjusters and Attorneys.

Your Claims value may have jumped exponentially

For Example: A Claim that was 7k may be worth 25k, this is because certain thresholds in the mass settlement will have to be reached. BP Claims that were 100k could conceivably go up to 300k or more. The exact formula has not yet been revealed, but sources close to the litigation, including an Attorney that we have been forwarding many of your claims to, have already uploaded all of their cases to the GCCF. Why is this happening, Punitive Damages, people and businesses that were directly affected by the Oil Spill are able to receive extra money for their losses, and this scares the heck out of BP. Hence BP is getting ready to settle now.

Why will BP try to settle its BP Claims before the February trial date.

There are multiple answers to this question.

1. The BP Claims process is about to be audited by Eric Holder at the urging of Jim Hood. In my opinion this will uncover what many of us already know. The GCCF under Feinberg was slow to pay and it preyed upon desperate people by not coming through with BP Claims interim payments in a timely manner, instead denying valid BP Claims, or giving already desperate people and Business`s Quick Pays.

In my opinion Quick Pays, having BP Claims Under review, denying valid BP Claims, where tactics that have been used as extortion to those hoping to get paid in a timely manner. I further think that though there are a lot of good people that work at the GCCF, that the top brass at the GCCF wanted to slow things down, and in fact did so. This will be revealed by the Audit, that is forthcoming and BP and the GCCF will be held accountable. Hence it pays for them to settle now before the full picture develops.

2. BP will want jurors to believe that they have indeed tried to make things right in the Gulf before the February trial date. A massive payout to claimants before the trial starts will boost the GCCF statistics and good will. The GCCF loves to point out positive statistics, the fact still remains that most of those that have been paid out have been paid out under the Quick Pay system.

3. BP needs some positive PR. The longer the events from the OIl Spill drags out, the more BP`s reputation and business practices get tarnished. If they decide to drag this out as more news comes to light surrounding how the oil spill was caused, and how people that people that were affected were largely ignored, by BP and the GCCF, it is my opinion that this could spur multiple lawsuits, mind you I am not a lawyer.

4. Mitigation, Mitigation, Mitigation, there is no good news lately for BP and they need to cut their losses, the best way for them to do so is to make some realistic offers and to get people to accept final settlements so people don`t go and sue them down the road. BP Claims punitive damages for those directly affected by the oil spill are now applicable. The forthcoming news for BP and the BP claims process is not going to be any good for BP and Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

Getting Help With your BP Claims

We have been covering the Oil Spill since it began in April, our first site was dedicated to getting people to Catholic Charities, that morphed into helping cleanup workers that were getting sick, which eventually evolved into helping people through the BP Claims process. In order to help people and business get through the BP Claims process we developed the BP Claims Dream Team. They are the best Law firms and BP Claims Adjuster firms in the country. They cover a myriad of oil spill related instances from sick and injured clean up workers to Business that had 8 figure losses. We are dedicated to you getting the help you deserve. BP Claims and Case management is done on a contingency basis, by all members of the BP Claims Dream Team. They don`t get paid until you do, and management of your case or claim starts at 15%. The Team members are getting BP Claims paid at a record pace, I expect this to go on for the next few months, but if you want to take advantage of this current trend, it is a good time to get your BP Claims paid. Please fill out the information to the right and we will begin the process.

1-800-BP-Claim your number for BP Claims

We are very thankful that a noted member of the community realized what we are up to and helped us secure the number 1-800-BP-Claim so that we could better serve you..Thanks Tony..

We will help you with your BP Claims.


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Article: BP Claims may settle out for 30 Billion Quickly
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90 Day Challenge with Tammy – Visalus

Tammy Burnnell - Los Angeles Business Coach

90 Day Challenge with Tammy – Visalus


So my dear friend and mastermind partner Tammy Burnnell and Business Coach in Los Angeles is doing this Visalus thing. But just one big Tammy Burnnell - Los Angeles Business Coachproblem… She can’t rank on Google… I mean really how hard would it be to rank of Google for “90 Day Challenge with Tammy”? Not hard at all! The truth this is child’s play. I mean really if your reading this I’m ranked for “90 Day Challenge with Tammy” I might even decide to rank for Visalus, but that’s for another post and another day.

Visalus is supposed to be something really healthy for you. Me, I suck at healthy. But what I don’t suck at is ranking on Google. Something as simple as “90 Challenge with Tammy” is really not that hard or even the keyword “Visalus”.

So Going Back to Visalus…

This new shake and/or supplement is suppose to make you healthier, trust me I need healthy… But would I actually take the 90 day challenge with Tammy Burnnel? No, I wouldn’t. But I will go into that latter, remember I suck being healthy and Visalus means you have to be healthy. No really Visalus is and seems to be a really good product. I mean think about it, I’m  an internet geek. I sit in front of a computer all day long. I drink coffee – a pot a day, sometimes two mind you. I could use a healthy dose of something good for me and God knows I could lose 30 something pounds and get rid of lead in my ass.  Hmmm…  Would it help me type faster, just something to think about… I will put that on my white board.


OK back to Visalus, again…

"90 Day Challenge With Tammy" Some Hot Chick Name KendraLook really this Visalus stuff seems to be really good.  It offers all the things that one like me would need to get moving in the morning and maybe even get healthy, imagine that right… Look at the picture of Kendra, went from being fat and overweight to looking really hot, yummy… I wonder if it would work for me?

The Truth is Visalus, won’t work…

What a terrible statement right? “The Truth is Visalus Won’t Work”. Well it’s not a truthful statement. The only reason Visalus wouldn’t work for a guy like me is because I’m just not dedicated to being healthy and losing weight… Serious, that’s the only reason I can find that Visalus wouldn’t  work.


Body By Vi Challenge…

WOW… These people really want me… Look at this challage “Body By Vi Challage”. Their actually willing to pay me to be healthy and lose weight. Will I do it now? Probably not. Well maybe if my friend Tammy Burnell and her husband Robert Breiner get me to sign up… I mean really if I could rank their web sites, maybe, just maybe I might get healthier and lose some weight.

Tammy Burnell and Robert Breiner… Are you listening?

OK, Tammy and Robert, If you’re listening… I just took your keywords “90 Challenge with Tammy”. And we can teach others how to do this.

If people want to learn the power of the internet, we can help them. So get off your ass and give me a call, leave me a comment and put your email address in the stupid little box and get on my email list!


Have Fun,

Chaz Key


 Join my Email List… Yea I promise to send you something useful… Whatever… I’m really going to get you to buy someghing one day… Think I won’t???


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Article: 90 Day Challenge with Tammy – Visalus

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90 Day Challenge with Tammy – Visalus

Timer: Date: 9/20/2011 Time: 11:30 AM – I know Goofy right…

Reputation Management Santa Clarita or Santa Clarita Reputation Management

Reputation Management Santa Clarita or Santa Clarita Reputation

I think the title of the article says it all, “Reputation Management Santa Clarita or Santa Clarita Reputation Management”.  I mean really are we talking Tomatoes or Tomato’s. The real point is we have businesses right here in Santa Clarita that are suffering and don’t know how to control their reputation.  The truth is it’s not rocket science. This is something simple that each and every local business needs to pay attention to. Serious, if you are not proactive to “Reputation Management” your going to lose and I am talking big!

Reputation Management Santa Clarita

Hmmm… Any idea what I am going to rank this article for? Yea you got it “Reputation Management Santa Clarita” or many “Santa Clarita Reputation Management“. Yep that’s what I’m going to do!

Reputation Management

Look you need to pay close attention to your reputation online.  This is a must! Either you do it or somebody else will do it for you.

Here are a couple of quick tips:

Google Alerts:

Google Alerts is an easy way to track what the internet is saying about you or your company. Best of all its supper easy and its free! All you have to do is go to Google and search news. So let’s say we wanted to track each time somebody posted something on the internet about “Reputation Management Santa Clarita” or “Santa Clarita Reputation Management”.  All we would need to do is add this to our Google Alerts. Each time this phrase was listed on a website, news, video or blog, Google would send you an email and let you know where the term about “Reputation Management Santa Clarita” or “Santa Clarita Reputation Management” was listed.

Ok I get it you don’t care about “Reputation Management Santa Clarita” or “Santa Clarita Reputation Management” but you do care about your company name. Just replace my keyword/phrase’s I want to rank for with what you want to know about and BAM! You’re on your way!

So how do you get rid of bad stuff?

Well that’s coming in a different article. I know, terrible right? But the truth is I had a friend name Kat and I told her I would rank for the keywords/phrase “Reputation Management Santa Clarita” or “Santa Clarita Reputation Management” in the next 48 hours. If you know me, I always keep my word!

“Reputation Management Santa Clarita” or “Santa Clarita Reputation Management” Mark the time!

It’s now 10:48 PM Tuesday 9/06/2011 and I am getting ready to hit the publish button.  Let’s see how long it takes me to hit the front page of Google “Reputation Management Santa Clarita” or “Santa Clarita Reputation Management”.



Reputation Management Santa Clarita or Santa Clarita Reputation Management

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Article: Reputation Management Santa Clarita or Santa Clarita Reputation Management
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