October 23, 2018

Time Warner Santa Clarita – Scam – Ripped Off – Telephone Service Scam

Scam Alert: Time Warner Santa Clarita - Scam - Ripped Off - Telephone Service

Time Warner Santa Clarita – Scam – Ripped Off – Telephone Service Scam

Time Warner Santa Clarita - Scam - Ripped Off - Telephone Service Scam

Time Warner Santa Clarita - Scam - Ripped Off - Telephone Service Scam


Time Warner Santa ClaritaScam – Ripped Off – Telephone Service Scam” Wow, is the only way I can start this! I know the title is rough “Time Warner Santa Clarita – Scam – Ripped Off – Telephone Service Scam” but it is really the way I “FEEL”. Maybe I should have started it something like “Time Warner Scam” But this really was a local problem or at least ended as a local Santa Clarita problem.  The total lack of customer service… Or customer care.

Time Warner Santa ClaritaSo let me start with a little background where this all started. I am a resident here in beautiful Santa Clarita, CA.  Last August I move to a new condo here in Santa Clarita. When it was time to choose my cable and internet provider, I decided to go with Time Warner. I had heard some really good things about the Road Runner Internet Service. Originally I wanted the FIOS Internet Service, but it wasn’t available in my area. Anyway, needless to say I went with Time Warner Cable.  So about a month after I moved in, I got a call asking me if I would like home telephone service from Time Warner.




I ask simple multiple questions in multiple ways:

Me: “is this a digital phone or is it a hard line phone?” Time Warner: “no, its a hardline”

Me: “is this a modem phone that just runs through the internet” Time Warner: “no”

Me: “are you sure this is a hard line phone and not an internet phone” Time Warner: “no”

You see I didn’t want internet telephone service, I wanted a hard line in my condo. Fine, I said yes I will sign up for Time Warner telephone service.  So about a week or so goes by and there’s FedEx at the door with my new Time Warner Telephone Service, “in a box”.  Now keep in mind Time Warner told me I would receive a package and all I had to do was plug my new phone in my regular phone jacks and activate it… Wrong!

The Time Warner Santa Clarita Scam…

Well I will admit, I was excited getting my package… I opened the box and “BAM”… “A Damn Digital Phone”.  I was so disgusted…  I mean really, I was just pissed! I was so mad I just put the box on the shelf and forgot about it. What can I say, I felt that Time Warner Scammed me, I felt violated, I felt my intelligence was just insulted.

OK, Back to Time Warner Santa Clarita…

Recently my modem went out… “God No Internet!” So I had called Time Warner and they said they were doing work in the area and I knew this was true.  Two days before I got a call saying that my service would be temporarily out because they were working on it. But, the service never returned.  Time Warner support said there was a problem with my Internet Modem and they would have to send somebody out in like two days… I can’t go without internet for two day, let alone one day. So support gave me another option, “go to the Time Warner Office in Santa Clarita”.  Sounds great! It was a lot closer than I had thought, plus I was teaching a class that night less than 1/2 a mile from their local office that night, bonus.

At Time Warner Santa Clarita…

So I go into the office and I meet this kid named “Justin”.  He was a lot of help.  I handed Justin my broken modem and he handed me a new one, “Bam, Nice And Simple”.  It was so simple I had extra time.  So I got to telling Justin story about the whole Time Warner Telephone Service Scam, his answer was to just bring it into the store and drop it off.  Awesome idea! And I did just that…

My Experience at the Time Warner Santa Clarita office…


OMG It's a Scam Alert - Time Warner Santa Clarita - Big Box Of SCAM

OMG It's a Scam Alert - Time Warner Santa Clarita - Big Box Of SCAM

Wow! This is where Time Warner just lost all my respect.  Justin was there again at the local Time Warner Office in Santa Clarita.  I gave him my box and he took it.  He was very pleasant, treated it as no big problem.  So I asked him when would I get my refund all the money I have been paying or a credit for the service that I have never used. He said he couldn’t do refunds or account adjustments.  He explained to me that I would have to write to the “office of the president”, REALLY?! What the heck is that?

OK, Get me a Manager…

So I asked Justin to get me a manager, I need to straighten this out before more time goes by… OMG, here comes Donna… WOW, this chick was rude from the get go! With her head bobbing back and forth and inability to look me in the eyes, just wasn’t cool.  Maybe there was something wrong with her I don’t know.

Donna Just Didn’t Care… And she was RUDE!

Seriously Donna just did not care about my problem and was going to do absolutely nothing to help me and she made that clear! It’s not even worth going into detail about how rude of a person she is. Some people should not be in customer service and some people should not be a manager… Donna should have not been either.  Totally lack of customer service skills and a desire to help.

Now The Call To Time Warner Billing

WOW! What an eye opener… I have to admit, everything that happened at the local Time Warner office, didn’t compare to what happen next.  So I called Time Warner as I was driving off. Stayed on hold for awhile… a long while… Finally customer support, so I explained my entire experience to this lady who answered the phone… What a waste! “I’m sorry sir, I can’t handle this. I will transfer you to someone who can” and don’t forget… “may I place you on hold”.  Really do I have a choice? No I don’t.

Here Comes The Time Warner Super Bitch… Stephanie!

Nobody tells Stephanie why I’m calling or what my concerns were. I had to completely start over and tell the story again. Have you ever notice, each time you tell the story about something that bothered you or upset you… You just get more pissed off and annoyed… Ugh…

Time Warner Super Bitch… Stephanie!

So I am telling my story all over again and of course it was a long one… As you can tell I am pretty long winded.  The entire time, I am getting the feeling she’s not even listening to me. I finished telling my story and there was silence. I said “are you there”, I could hear her click back over. “Yes, I am here”. So she asked me, what do you want me to do… REALLY? I just told you I want a refund for the service I never used. Stephanie the Super Bitches answer “no I’m not going to do that”. Of course I was shocked, I asked to speak with her supervisor, her reply “No, I am the supervisor and I have made my decision”.  I ask her who is your supervisor? She gave me the name and said she is not going to talk to you. I said why, she’s not available…

Never even looked at my account… WOW!

I asked her to look at my account and see the activity on this phone service. She said “NO, I am not going to”. I asked her if she even looked at my account, she stated “NO, I don’t have to. I made my decision and I am not going to issue a refund.”

We are nothing to Time Warner

I have to honestly admit, I have met some rude people in my life and I am sure you have too. But Donna and the Time Warner super bitch Stephanie top them all! It really just shows you that we are nothing to Time Warner. We are nothing to the Time Warner employees. We are just another dollar in there pocket. That really makes me upset.

Just imagine if…

Seriously, just imagine if Donna at the Time Warner Office in Santa Clarita would have just said. “Hey, I can’t do anything at this very moment and I want to help you.  Let me look into it. Can I call you back”. You would have never been reading my thoughts and feelings. What if Stephanie the Time Warner Super Bitch said the same thing… You would not be here reading this.

Thank God for Free Speech…

You have to know, I have a voice, you have a voice and it is your right to be heard! It is not just your right to be heard but it is your obligation to exercise your voice.  Imagine if our Fore Fathers never said a word, what would are America be today?  We live in a new world where we don’t have to deal with being mistreated by companies only out to make a buck! Or scammed you out of a buck!  Time Warner scammed me into signing up with their home telephone service scam. This is my obligation to let people know what happened.  These are my feelings and I can express them anyway I want! And I will!

So Should You!


By the way before posting this, I did infact send an email to these people.  But they had nothing to say… Or didn’t want to say anything.

Thomas Robey  Senior Vice President  Investor Relations Laraine Mancini  Senior Director Investor Relations
Alex Dudley  Vice President  Public Relations alex.dudley@twcable.com Tara Atwood  Manager  Investor Relations IR@twcable.com




Article: Time Warner Santa Clarita – Scam – Ripped Off – Telephone Service Scam
Article Source: Chaz Key
Author: Chaz Key

Time Warner Santa Clarita – Scam – Ripped Off – Telephone Service ScamTime Warner Santa Clarita

A little about Page Rank

Text Links + Page Rank + Onsite Optimization = Higher Rankings

A little about Page Rank

I was inspired to write this post after reading “Google’s Matt Cutts on PR Updates“.  I thought this was a really interesting piece on Page Rank by Rob Young at Search Engine Journal and deserved a deeper review.

Myself and my own projects have seen a huge boost in Page Rank. This all after the big scary “Panda Update“. What I have found since the Panda Update, is that the guys that have been doing things right, really didn’t see a decrease in traffic. Some of my own projects have seen a boost in organic traffic from Google and again a boost in page rank.

A little about Page Rank

Let’s get something straight here, “Page Rank” is not the number one ranking factor! To a guy like me Page Rank is just an indicator about how strong a site maybe. Just because a site has a huge Page Rank, doesn’t mean the site is going to rank well in the search engines. Page Rank is determined by a number of factors. The main factor is who is linking to you. If several sites with a high Page Rank link to your site, they pass on what is called “Page Rank Juice or PR Juice” in the SEO world. The second factor in getting a higher Page Rank is the pure number of credible sites that link to your own site.

Higher Rankings in the SERP’s with a high Page Rank

Like I said above, “Page Rank is not the number one ranking factor”, but it helps. So what is the number one ranking factor? It’s Text Links! It’s how credible sites link to your site using “Text Links”. Most of you know or may not know, but Google is technically blind. This means Google can only read your site, they can’t actually see your site. Google counts on us, you me and everybody on the web to define what sites are about through text links. So if a site with a high Page Rank uses a text link, Google trusts the high Page Rank site to identify what a page is about. And by trusting a site with a high Page Rank, that site passes Pr Juice. It’s just like a vote or an introduction.

How many times have you been to a seminar or a concert and somebody of importance introduces somebody you have never heard of? Once the introduction is made there is a transfer of trust. With this transfer of trust comes authority. This is exactly what happens when one site links to another. The “Introduction” is the text link and the “Transfer of Trust” is the passing of PR Juice.

Text Links + Page Rank + Onsite Optimization = Higher Rankings
Text Links + Page Rank + Onsite Optimization = Higher Rankings


Text Links + Page Rank + Onsite Optimization

Text links from high Page Rank sites will ultimately help your ranking for your keywords. But, you need to respect your “Onsite Optimization“. If an incoming link says your

an “SEO Los Angeles“, the page that link is coming to needs to be optimized and should be optimized for those keywords, especially if you have control over those incoming links.




Google Counts on Us

Google is counting on us to define the web for the world. People will naturally link to other web pages that they find interesting. But they won’t always link the way you want them to. They will link to pages or articles with text links base on what they think the article or page is about.  Keep your pages well defined, so people who choose to link to you, know how to link to you.

Have Fun,

Chaz Key


Article Source: Nine Eye

Article: A little about Page Rank


A little about Page Rank

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