September 19, 2018

Get listed on Google Maps

Get listed on Google Maps

Get listed on Google Maps

Getting listed on Google Maps is more important now a day’s then it was before. Last October Google put the SEO world upside down on their heads when it changed how Google Maps is displayed. Now Google Maps is displayed as Google Places within the regular organic listings. Most local business’s worked really hard and spent a fortune on getting their business to rank on Google for their local services and local products. Then poof! Gone with a major change, go to love it when Google makes a change. Although the smart local business’s followed suite and optimized their local Google Maps listing.

Getting listed on Google Maps is not rocket science.

It’s almost identical to ranking a website within Google Organic. But the truth being there are many ranking

Get listed on Google Maps

Get listed on Google Maps

factors to Google Maps – Google Places for those who don’t like to call it what it really is. I don’t believe that anybody has really touched what are the true ranking factors. I don’t believe that most SEO’s  really took the time to truly understand or know what makes a Google Maps listing rank. I have found that ranking any local company requires several steps. Believe it or not, even in tough market like Los Angeles, any Google Local listing can be ranked. Where as in the Google organic world,  all SEO’s know we start with onsite optimization and proceed to offsite optimization. Both on site and off site optimization applies to ranking a local business listing, just one difference, it’s not about in bound links, at least not the way most would SEO’s would think.

Onsite Optimization Factors for Ranking Google Maps

Onsite optimization of your Google Maps listing requires a well written Google Places listing. Your keywords must be embedded in your local listing. I’m not talking about being spammy either. You have to use the right keywords in the right places. You get a very small area to describe your business, use them sparingly. Next choose your categories must be chosen correctly.  You have to choose at least one of Google’s suggested categories, but this does not mean you have to choose their category first. Next you have to write your “Additional Details” correctly. Just about everybody I have seen screws this one up. There’s a lot more that goes into writing the correct “Additional Details” and this article would get really long, so I’m not going to totally dig into it. Maybe in future post I will dig into it more. Now another major Google Maps factor, “Google Coupons”. Google love’s people who share and one of the ways to share is to list your coupons within your Google Place’s page. Again these need to be written correctly to truly gain the most value out of them.

Offsite Optimization Factors for Ranking Google Maps

Whereas ranking a normal website within Google’s natural listing, comes down to inbound links. And not just a bunch of links, but text links. Google relies on other websites to tell them what a site is all about. The same theory applies here, but it’s not just the links. It comes down to what other websites are saying about your local listing. These factors include listing your “Companies Name” + “Company Address” + “Company Telephone Number” = a well ranked Google Maps listing. These sites are called “citation sites”. Google use’s citation sites to gather information about your company, including populating your Google Places listing with relevant information. Also don’t forget to list your own company information on your company website. This would seem like common sense to most, but you would believe how many forget this. Also you need a link to your Google Maps listing using your keywords on the page. You can get a link from Google just by doing a search for your company and using your keywords on Google Maps. This will embed the keywords in your link that you get from Google.

If you going to get listing on Google Maps

you’re going to need to follow the right steps. Again getting listing on Google Maps is not rocket science and usually once your ranked, your there for a long time. Next month I am releasing a new book and training program on this called the “Local Search Engine Blueprint“.

Local Search Engine Blueprint

Local Search Engine Blueprint

I have been working on the Local Search Engine Blueprint for almost a year now. When I wrote the book, that was easy, but I didn’t just want to write another eBook. So I started creating training videos on each and every step. Well that still wasn’t good enough, so I created a community forum for local business owners that still might be having problems and also a way I can get updates to members. Oh yea, the Local Search Engine Blueprint couldn’t just have a well written book, great videos, awesome forum, but I needed to create a members only site! Anyway I think I have done enough of shameless self promoting for one post.

Good luck and I hope you found this useful and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the “Local Search Engine Blueprint“!

Have Fun,

Chaz Key

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