June 25, 2018

Global Protective Services – Security Guard Service Santa Clarita, CA

Global Protective Services – Security Guard Service Santa Clarita, CA

Global Protective Services

Security Guard Service Santa Clarita, CA

Global Protective Services – Security Guard Service Santa Clarita, CAGlobal Protective Services a Security Guard Service in Santa Clarita, CA has been offering safety to the local community since late 2007. Trusting your community’s safety to just any security guard service can be a daunting task. I mean really who doesn’t want the best security guard service…

Global Protective Services lead by Eric Bunde

Global Protective Services is a leader throughout southern California and lead by Eric Bunde. Although Global Protective Services is based out of Santa Clarita CA, they still offer Security Guard Services throughout most major cities such as Los Angeles.



Best Security Guard Service in Santa Clarita?

If you were searching for the “Best Security Guard Service in Santa Clarita” I would absolutely recommend the security services of Global Protective Services. Not just me, but most of Santa Clarita. I personally know Eric Bunde. Eric Bunde is not just another security professional, but a father with deep roots in the Santa Clarita Valley.

While there are many security guard services in Santa Clarita, you should really identify what your needs truly are… Maybe you are looking for:

  • Security Services in Santa Clarita
  • Security Patrol Services
  • Security Guard
  • Site Safety Vulnerability Assessments
  • Site Security
  • The Best Security Guard Service in Santa Clarita, CA

Quote from the Website

Global Protective Services (GPS) was founded after identifying an industry need for a progressive and professional security company with additional expertise in “Special Events” and “Executive Travel”. Our clients had special needs that could not be addressed by traditional security techniques. Security needs routinely change, sometimes with little or no notice – GPS is always ready to meet the need.

With the highest professional standards…

They also believe in maintaining some of the highest professional standards. Having a well disciplined security force of trained and experienced professionals alleviate many of the widespread problems associated with the security business.

Security Guard Service Santa Clarita, CA - Global Protective Services

Global Protective Services – Best Security Guard Service Santa Clarita

Located in Santa Clarita with their Headquarters Office and BSIS certified Training Center at 24973 Avenue Stanford, Valencia Ca 91355 and their direct office phone number is 661-295-1241. You may also want contact them concerning employment opportunities, training, or security needs. Global Protective Services offers a simple web form easy contact. You can learn more about them here: http://globalprotectiveservices.com

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Article: Global Protective Services – Security Guard Service Santa Clarita, CA
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Author: Chaz Key
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Global Protective Services

Best Security Guard Service Santa Clarita, CA

Gladwin Gill Sentenced – To a Life of helping people – Dr Gladwin Gill

Gladwin Gill Sentenced - To a Life of helping people - Dr Gladwi

Gladwin Gill Sentenced – To a Life of helping people – Dr Gladwin Gill

Recently I had the opportunity of meeting Gladwin Gill (Dr Gladwin Gill).  He’s not just Gladwin Gill but he’s a special person. Dr Gladwin Gill is somebody who should be respected for all the good he has done.

“Gladwin Gill Sentenced – To a Life of helping people” – Dr Gladwin Gill

Take a moment to read this recent story I found about Dr Gladwin Gill:

Gladwin Gill Sentenced – To a Life of helping people.

Gladwin Gill Glendale CA is an experienced professional in the health care industry. He attended Columbia University in NY. He has a Bachelor of Sciences and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1986. He specializes in End of Life Care (Hospice). Physician Palliative Care offers the highest quality pain management and palliative care to serve the needs of patients with compassion and understanding. All of their services are based on the needs of care. They help patients in understanding how to cope with pain and grief.

A dedicated individual, Gladwin Gill Glendale CA supports various charitable organizations working for the betterment of the weaker sections of society. He has made significant contributions to AMFAR, DARFUR and The Shalom Foundation. In the year 2005, he went on a trip to New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina) and brought $500,000 in antibiotics for the people in need.

Gladwin Gill Glendale CA also runs other businesses such as a sugar and spices company. Spices & Sugar, Inc. is a premier supplier of spices and custom sugar for food manufacturers and food service distributors. The company provides conventional and organic products, sourced from reputable growers and importers, from all around the world. Spices & Sugar, Inc. takes pride in providing exceptional services to the customers ranging from custom blends and product duplication to personalized formulas and private consultations.


Gladwin Gill is a motivational speaker and mentor. He has also conquered Hollywood in producing Indian- American films such as Americanizing Shelley as well as many others. He is currently working on producing a tv show instructing young men and women on what it will take for them to become millionaires under his teaching and mentoring.

About Gladwin Gill Glendale CA

 Gladwin Gill Glendale CA has been working in the healthcare sector for over 20 years. He is the founder of the Shalom Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated in bringing solutions, dignity, hope and peace of mind to all people regardless of race, color or creed. In his free time, he likes to watch sports especially basketball and is a big fan of the LA Lakers. He is a family man and has three kids. For more details, please browse through Dr. Gladwin Gill

Article Source: Gladwin Gill Sentenced – To a Life of helping people – Dr Gladwin Gill
Article: Nine Eye

Author: Chaz Key

Gladwin Gill Sentenced – To a Life of helping people – Dr Gladwin Gill

Barcelona Santa Clarita and SCV Wine Enthusiast

Douglas Gould founder of SCV Wine Enthusiast

Barcelona Santa Clarita and SCV Wine enthusiast

Barcelona Santa Clarita and SCV Wine enthusiast

SCV Wine Enthusiast are traveling to Spain (not literally) “Barcelona Santa Clarita“. We will be enjoying tasty tapas, great wine, cool music and amazing conversation.

If you have enjoyed any of our past adventures with the SCV Wine Enthusiast or unfortunately missed them. This adventure at Barcelona in Santa Clarita, CA is definitely one you don’t want to miss. Hope to see all Monday 11/07/2011 at 6:30


Barcelona Santa ClaritaBarcelona Santa Clarita

Just a little about Barcelona’s in Santa Clarita. Barcelona Tapas Lounge in Santa Clarita is an elegant and comfortable lounge where you can enjoy a glass of wine and savor an array of tapas. The food is infused with tastes from Italy, France, Spain and Morocco. The menu is created from the extraordinary mind of owner and Executive Chef Dominik Lahmidi.

Barcelona Tapas Lounge is a perfect place to meet your friends for a drink before dining, or to spend the entire evening. Come enjoy a casual evening with friends and fine food at Barcelona Tapas Lounge.


Tapas: Spanish meaning appetizers



Barcelona Santa Clarita offers a wide array of beef, chicken, seafood and vegetable tapas.

Barcelona’s menu is also filled with many mouth watering main courses.


SCV Wine Enthusiast

SCV Wine Enthusiast to all fellow Wine Enthusiasts, Lovers of Great food and Vineyard Adventures. SCV Wine Enthusiast’s goal is to enjoy all aspects of Wine.  From Wine Tasting, Wine Education, Wine Pairing, Cooking Classes with Wine, and any other enjoyment of the Grape we can think of.  We will be moving our Meetups to different locations to best sample different Wines, Food, and Ambiances. Everyone’s welcome, from new bouquet-sniffers to educated connoisseurs.




A quick note from the founder of SCV Wine Enthusiast Douglas Gould:

Hi to all Wine Lovers/Enthusiasts. I have been enjoying wine for years taking part in tastings, pairings and travel adventures. I am looking forward to learning, sharing, and experiencing more aspects of the wonderful world of Wine. Cheers!


What Douglas Gould is saying about this Meetup Group:

Great group that keeps growing with new and fun members.

For more information on the Barcelona Santa Clarita and SCV Wine enthusiast event make sure you visit their website at: SCV Wine Enthusiast





Article: Barcelona Santa Clarita and SCV Wine enthusiast

Article Source: Nine Eye Interactive Media

Author: Chaz Key

Barcelona Santa Clarita and SCV Wine enthusiast

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White Beans & Beef Soup in a Tomato Broth – Home Cooking Recipes

White Beans & Beef Soup in a Tomato Broth - home cooking recipes

White Beans & Beef Soup in a Tomato Broth

White Beans & Beef Soup in a Tomato Broth - home cooking recipesIf you enjoy home cooking recipes as I do, then you will love what I have to share with you.  I never went to culinary school so I’m technically speaking not a certified expert chef.  I don’t cook any fancy gourmet exotic dishes either.  What I do best is home cooking recipes that were pass down from generation to generation.  I learned from my mom’s which learned from her mom and my dad’s mom.

I don’t want to brag too much as I really feel blessed about growing up in a house where dinner was awesome every night.  It was so good that all my friends always asked me if they could come over for dinner as they loved my mom’s home cooking recipes.

What’s pretty amazing is that I am the first male in the family to take on learning this tradition.  My father till today hasn’t made one meal, but I myself enjoy cooking in the kitchen because I love the end result.  I’m going to share with you one of these amazing home cooking recipes which is White Beans & Beef Soup in a Tomato Broth.


Beef Shank – 1.5 lbs – 2lbs
Oil – 1/2 Cup
Roma or Vine Tomatoes – 1 cup
White Beans – 8oz
Minded Garlic or Fresh Garlic Mashed – 1 tablespoon
Cumin – 1 tablespoon
Sweet Paprika – 1 tablespoon
Salt – 2 teaspoon
Turmeric – 1 teaspoon


Take a Big Pot and cover it almost halfway with water and start bringing it to a boil.
At the same time, take the Beef Shank and starting cutting out the fat and nerves on the outside of the beef and cut in a couple of pieces as well.
Wash the beef and give it a quick dry with a paper towel.
Take a frying pan, put oil, and turn high.
When oil is ready, place the beef shank for 2 minutes on each side.
Once beef is ready, put it in the pot with boiling water.
Cook the beef for 10 minutes and clean out the foam puzz it extracts.
When clean, add the white beans, tomato paste, garlic, paprika, cumin, tumeric, and salt.
Mix it good. When it comes to a boil, cover it and turn it to medium low. Cook for about 60-90 minutes. Let it cool off and simmer before serving.

Doesn’t that sound like an amazing Home Cooking Recipes? Well, I got plenty more to share with you. Simply visit our cooking blog.

Home Cooking Recipes

Article: White Beans & Beef Soup in a Tomato Broth
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Author: Michael Davids

White Beans & Beef Soup in a Tomato Broth

BP Claims: BP Claims may settle out for 30 Billion Quickly

BP insider says BP about to pay 30 Billion to settle BP Claims

BP Claims News: A BP insider reported to Reuters that BP may want to settle many its BP claims after the February trial date. The trial would solidify who was at fault for the Macondo well blow out. A recent report that was finished this week, put the blame squarely on BP`s shoulders. Halliburton and Transocean did share some of the responsibility, but due to the lack of oversight, cutting corners, and not releasing all the information to it`s partners, BP was ultimately responsible for the Gulf Disaster. report, also see BP Business Claims

My sources that are very involved with the litigation and the BP Claims process think that BP will make a large push to settle out as many claims as possible, before the February trial date. We are seeing BP Claims get paid at a record rate. By both Adjusters and Attorneys.

Your Claims value may have jumped exponentially

For Example: A Claim that was 7k may be worth 25k, this is because certain thresholds in the mass settlement will have to be reached. BP Claims that were 100k could conceivably go up to 300k or more. The exact formula has not yet been revealed, but sources close to the litigation, including an Attorney that we have been forwarding many of your claims to, have already uploaded all of their cases to the GCCF. Why is this happening, Punitive Damages, people and businesses that were directly affected by the Oil Spill are able to receive extra money for their losses, and this scares the heck out of BP. Hence BP is getting ready to settle now.

Why will BP try to settle its BP Claims before the February trial date.

There are multiple answers to this question.

1. The BP Claims process is about to be audited by Eric Holder at the urging of Jim Hood. In my opinion this will uncover what many of us already know. The GCCF under Feinberg was slow to pay and it preyed upon desperate people by not coming through with BP Claims interim payments in a timely manner, instead denying valid BP Claims, or giving already desperate people and Business`s Quick Pays.

In my opinion Quick Pays, having BP Claims Under review, denying valid BP Claims, where tactics that have been used as extortion to those hoping to get paid in a timely manner. I further think that though there are a lot of good people that work at the GCCF, that the top brass at the GCCF wanted to slow things down, and in fact did so. This will be revealed by the Audit, that is forthcoming and BP and the GCCF will be held accountable. Hence it pays for them to settle now before the full picture develops.

2. BP will want jurors to believe that they have indeed tried to make things right in the Gulf before the February trial date. A massive payout to claimants before the trial starts will boost the GCCF statistics and good will. The GCCF loves to point out positive statistics, the fact still remains that most of those that have been paid out have been paid out under the Quick Pay system.

3. BP needs some positive PR. The longer the events from the OIl Spill drags out, the more BP`s reputation and business practices get tarnished. If they decide to drag this out as more news comes to light surrounding how the oil spill was caused, and how people that people that were affected were largely ignored, by BP and the GCCF, it is my opinion that this could spur multiple lawsuits, mind you I am not a lawyer.

4. Mitigation, Mitigation, Mitigation, there is no good news lately for BP and they need to cut their losses, the best way for them to do so is to make some realistic offers and to get people to accept final settlements so people don`t go and sue them down the road. BP Claims punitive damages for those directly affected by the oil spill are now applicable. The forthcoming news for BP and the BP claims process is not going to be any good for BP and Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

Getting Help With your BP Claims

We have been covering the Oil Spill since it began in April, our first site was dedicated to getting people to Catholic Charities, that morphed into helping cleanup workers that were getting sick, which eventually evolved into helping people through the BP Claims process. In order to help people and business get through the BP Claims process we developed the BP Claims Dream Team. They are the best Law firms and BP Claims Adjuster firms in the country. They cover a myriad of oil spill related instances from sick and injured clean up workers to Business that had 8 figure losses. We are dedicated to you getting the help you deserve. BP Claims and Case management is done on a contingency basis, by all members of the BP Claims Dream Team. They don`t get paid until you do, and management of your case or claim starts at 15%. The Team members are getting BP Claims paid at a record pace, I expect this to go on for the next few months, but if you want to take advantage of this current trend, it is a good time to get your BP Claims paid. Please fill out the information to the right and we will begin the process.

1-800-BP-Claim your number for BP Claims

We are very thankful that a noted member of the community realized what we are up to and helped us secure the number 1-800-BP-Claim so that we could better serve you..Thanks Tony..

We will help you with your BP Claims.


Article Source: BP Business Claims
Article: BP Claims may settle out for 30 Billion Quickly
Author: BP Claims

What The New ICANN Domain Names Mean For Google Rankings & SEO: Nothing

Icann Domain Names

What The New ICANN Domain Names Mean For Google Rankings & SEO: Nothing

ICANN – the organization in charge of internet domain names – has approved plans that may create hundreds or thousands of new “top level domain names.” I’ve seen some reports Icann Domain Namesalready that this will help with search engine optimization. It won’t. It’ll just enrich some new TLD owners at the expense of brands who will now spend even more to fight cybersquatting.
The New Domain Names Are Coming
ICANN is the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names And Numbers, and it oversees the world’s domain name system. In its wisdom, it decided yesterday that the 22 generic top level domain (gTLD) names we have at the moment — things like .com, .org and .net — aren’t enough. More are needed.
ICANN doesn’t have anything up in its news section or its blog on this yet, but within its press room area, there’s a news release (PDF format) with more details, which in turn leads to a helpful fact sheet (also PDF).
Winners & Losers
For $185,000, businesses or organizations can apply for to run their own gTLD. If Apple, Google or Facebook wanted to have .apple, .google and .facebook names, that now becomes possible. That could be pretty cool for companies that want to have domain names that fully reflect their own brands.
Of course, not everyone will necessarily be granted a top level domain name. Who gets lucky depends on what ICANN decides. Smaller brands — which are brands nonetheless — won’t be able to afford the names. Who gets to have hot generic names like .money or .tickets will be decided, to my understanding, solely by ICANN.
What happens when two companies with the same trademark both decide they want the same top level domain remains to be seen. Who gets to be .giants — the San Francisco Giants baseball team or the New York Giants football team. Maybe they could play each other. And those are the only organizations out there with a claim to the Giants name, right?
Domain Names & SEO
In terms of search engines and SEO, so far, I haven’t seen ICANN itself say anything directly about how the new names might be helpful. But my experience in watching the release of longer 63-character domain names back in in 1999, as well as the release new names in the 2000s such as .biz and .mobi, tells me that others will soon be making all types of SEO claims about the new names.
Bottom line — the new names will almost certainly mean nothing special to search engines. They won’t have any super ranking powers. If you managed to get .money, that doesn’t mean you’ll rank tops for money-related terms any more than people with the existing .travel domains do well for travel — because they don’t.
Go do a search for “travel” now or any popular travel-related term on Google. Count the number of times you see sites coming up with .travel in their domain name. You won’t need more than one hand. You probably one need more than one finger. You probably won’t need any fingers at all.
Search engines like Google and Bing give no particular credit or boost to generic top level domain names in general. They don’t say, “Hmm, .com — that’s more important than .net, give it a boost.” They don’t say “Hmm, .travel, boost any site with that over other travel sites.”
Search engines do use country-specific domain names, when these can be trusted, as a signal for making content tailed to a particular country. Many UK web sites use the .uk domain. It’s a trust worthy signal.
In contrast, many non-Libyan or non-Tuvalu businesses make use of the .ly and .tv domain names intended for those countries. As a result, those are a less-trustworthy signal of whether a site is from those countries. That’s why other signals such as links have to be used.
So the new domain names? Sites will do well with them not because they have a tasty top level domain like “.travel” but because particular sites might get enough links and other signals pointing at them to do well.
In the end, the domain names do present new opportunities for some businesses. A few companies are going to get very rich off of this. Some are going to wonder if they need to buy their names again with all these new spaces to avoid cybersquatting.
But from an SEO perspective, be calm. Having a new name won’t rocket you to success; not having one doesn’t doom to you never being found.
To learn more about SEO and ranking signals, see our guides below:

Article Source: Search Engine Land

What The New ICANN Domain Names Mean For Google Rankings & SEO: Nothing

Search Engine Optimization worth the investment

Search Engine Optimization worth the investment

Which is smarter — investing your ad budget where someone “might” look or investing it where they “do” look?

Which is easier? Trying to divert someone’s attention to your business when they’re focused elsewhere or grabbing their attention when they’re looking for what you do?

Which is cheaper? Spending $1,000 to get 1,000 visitors to your site right now or spending $1,000 to get 500 visitors per month to your site for the next six months?

All else being equal, the smarter, easier, cheaper solution to getting prospects to your website is search engine optimization, or SEO. Why? Because the best time to be found is when someone is looking, and the place they look is on the first page of Google.

So why haven’t you hired an SEO expert? Here are some of the objections I encounter when discussing SEO with prospects, and my answers.

“I don’t understand SEO.”

I don’t understand taxes. Or why my washing machine makes funny noises. That’s why I go to an expert I trust.

“My Web designer said they did that ‘search engine stuff.’ ”

If your Web design company understands how search engines work, then yes, your “onsite” optimization is probably just fine.

But that’s usually not enough; external factors such as how many other sites link to yours play an even bigger role. Most Web design companies don’t do that type of SEO work.

“My Web designer didn’t say anything about it.”

They probably hoped you wouldn’t ask.

“I just assumed my site would pop right up; that’s why I had it built!”

Most Web designers are just that — designers — not search engine experts. They do what they’re good at, which is building you an attractive, organized site that provides information about your company.

Getting that site to rank in Google is not part of the job description. Much SEO work is done after a site is finished, by a separate company or expert.

“I’d rather stick with what I’m doing now.”

If it’s working well for you, congratulations! But you’re not interested in more business? Just last month, there were 720 searches in Google for some variation of “chiropractor” in Columbia, 320 searches for roofing, 18,100 for apartments, 4,400 for real estate and 390 for plumber. You don’t want to reach those prospects?


“My site is ugly/outdated. No sense doing it now.”

Start your SEO while your site is being redesigned. By the time it ranks well, the new version will be live.

“It’s too expensive.”

Only if the profit is less than the cost, right? If you could spend $1,000 to get a client worth $4,000, would you do it?

Also — let’s compare SEO costs to costs such as Adwords, Google’s pay-per-click program. SEO costs vary, but let’s say you’re a chiropractor, and you’ve budgeted $500 per month for six months to get your site ranking higher. That’s $3,000 total.

Google’s estimated average cost-per-click for “chiropractor Columbia MO” is $4.38. That means every time someone clicks on your ad, you’re charged that much money. If 720 people click on your ad, that’s $3,153.60 for one month — or $18,921.60 total for six.

And although SEO should be seen as a continuing expense, results usually last a long time. The initial push to get the site to rank is usually the longest, most expensive part; it’s easier to keep a site ranking high than get it there.

“SEO takes too long. I need customers now.”

Yes, getting your site to the top might take some time. But there are ways to speed up the SEO process, and I might be able to get your Google Places listing on Page 1 within a week. And if you don’t get started, you’ll never get there.

“I don’t know who to trust.”

You might have heard stories of “black-hat” tactics that get your site banned from Google. Look for proof of expertise, ask for references, and if you don’t know SEO, make sure you have a friend on the Web who does.

“I tried SEO. It didn’t work.”

Maybe you hired an SEO company before and were unimpressed by the results. It’s hard to say why; perhaps the company didn’t know what they were doing.

Maybe you didn’t run your campaign long enough; the sites you need to beat might be pretty firmly entrenched.

If your site is new, it takes time, work and a smart strategy to outrank an older site with lots of pages and backlinks.

Your SEO person has no way of predicting, either, what Google will do, your competitors will do or even what you will do. I’ve had clients make website changes that mess up what I’m tracking. One even deleted a page I was building links to.

Your website cannot generate a profit for your business if your prospects aren’t finding it. Assuming you have a good offer, getting a prospect to your site is one of the best investments you can make in the growth of your business.

Shift your marketing budget around a bit if you need to, but make SEO a priority. What are you waiting for?

Diana Ratliff has been involved in Internet marketing since 1999 and operates YourFriendOnTheWeb.com, a local Web design and marketing business. Reach her at diana@yourfriendontheweb.com.

Reach Diana Ratliff at diana@yourfriendontheweb.com.

This article was published on page A4 of the Saturday, June 18, 2011 edition of The Columbia Daily Tribune.


Article Source: The Columbia Daily Tribune

Article: Search Engine Optimization worth the investment

Author: Diana Ratliff

Search Engine Optimization worth the investment


My Review Of: “Search Engine Optimization worth the investment”

Well let me start with saying DUH! Not duh to the article it’s self. Duh to anybody who is not starting with basic SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing your site is just the beginning to having a successful brand online. Years ago business owners used websites as a online business card or some sort. That is so not the case anymore. Myself as a local SEO, understand the power of Search Engine Optimization. Most may or may not know this but, Nine Eye Interactive Media does not have a advertising budget! That’s right zero advertising budget. Our clients find us online just like they want to be found online. With a little Search Engine Optimization, you can go a long way. I write about SEO tips and how to get listed on Google Maps from time to time and if businesses or the people behind the business would just follow these simple steps, they would see a huge change in their website presence on the internet in just a short amount of time.

Part of this article that I really love – “The Excuses” – I believe Dana did a really good job at pointing out all the excuses people use as to why they don’t optimize their website.

The two I love the most:

  • “My Web designer said they did that ‘search engine stuff.’ ”
  • “My Web designer didn’t say anything about it.”

Web Designers don’t know crap about SEO, well maybe I should say Most Web Designers don’t know crap about SEO! Web Designers make pretty websites, they make websites function. But we all know Google does not care about pretty websites. Remember Spider Bots are blind, they can’t see how good your site looks. They can only read what is on your site only if you made it possible to read!

I really enjoyed this article by Diana Ratliff, well written and hit the point.

I will end my review with the way she ended her article:

What are you waiting for?

Have Fun,

Chaz Key

Article Source: Nine Eye

Article: My Review Of “Search Engine Optimization worth the investment”

Author: Chaz Key

My Review Of: “Search Engine Optimization worth the investment”


Don’t forget to read the article: Search Engine Optimization worth the investment

Warrior Networking Event sponsored by The Net Results Inc., By Nine Eye

Warrior Networking Event sponsored by The Net Results Inc.,

Warrior Networking Event sponsored by The Net Results Inc.,

Warrior Networking Event sponsored by The Net Results Inc.,

The 3rd Annual Warrior Networking Event is scheduled for June 11th & 12th in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina at the wonderful Crabtree Valley Holiday Inn.


You definitely DO NOT want to miss out on this incredible, potentially career-changing opportunity to get up close and personal with fellow Internet Marketers looking to connect, grow and share.

Look at the list of scheduled expert speakers…
1 – Jason Fladlien
2 – Ron Douglas
3 – E. Brian Rose
4 – Mario Brown
5 – Colin Theriot
6 – Brittany Lynch
7 – Brad Spencer
8 – Mike Carraway
9 – John Rhodes
10 – Tim Castleman
11 – Michael Hiles
12 – Brian Mcleod
13 – Sam England
14 – Bryan Zimmerman

PLUS… Since The Net Results is sponsoring the event, I’ll have someone from my staff there to give away USB Drives loaded with our brand new software products — absolutely free!

(what kind of software?  That’s a secret that will only be revealed at the event!)

Now, Imagine…

An entire weekend hanging out, shooting the $%#& and learning a TON alongside 149 of your coolest, friendliest fellow Internet Marketers – each there because they’re motivated and ready to build businesses together!

Come prepared to get very, very excited… because our expert speakers will be bringing the heat… and only the first 150 action taking people will be in the room when the magic happens.

You definitely don’t want to miss this event!

Reserve your spot here:


P.S.  The 3rd Annual Warrior Networking Event:  June 11th & 12th in Raleigh NC…


Warrior Networking Event sponsored by The Net Results Inc.,

Article Source: Nine Eye
Article: Warrior Networking Event sponsored by The Net Results Inc.,
Author: Chaz Key

THOR star Chris Hemsworth wields the Hammer of Marvel’s God of Thunder

As Marvel’s comic book heroes assemble for the ensemble AVENGERS movie next summer, this summer we get the origins and first movies for Thor and Captain America (THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST

THOR star Chris Hemsworth wields the Hammer of Marvel’s God of Thunder

THOR star Chris Hemsworth wields the Hammer of Marvel’s God of Thunder

, respectively).

Of course, bringing these heroes to life all starts in the casting with somewhat newbie British newcomer Chris Hemsworth takes on the mantle of the Asgardian God Thor who is banished to earth by his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins).

It’s a role Hemsworth had a blast with – not only playing in the Shakespearean fantasy world of Asgard, but also getting a chance to play light comedy as his earth exploits find with without his super-powers and falling for a pretty scientist (Natalie Portman).

While promoting THOR, which opens this Friday, Hemsworth spoke about preparing for the role, working with the heavy costume and being Marvel Comics’ latest super hero to get his big screen close-up.

On his first superhero memories …
“I think Superman was probably the very first one I was aware of, and you know, I would run around the house pretending to be him,” says Hemsworth. “At some stage when I was a kid. I also had a Robin costume, Batman’s sidekick, which is [laughter] a nice pair of green underwear and a yellow shirt and red cape. “

On beefing up to play the Mighty Thor …
“The most uncomfortable thing was the eating,” Hemsworth admits. “I didn’t mind so much the working out – I’d never really lifted weights to that capacity beforehand, and it was certainly a whole new sort of education, for a good six months. I just don’t naturally sit at that weight, so I had to force feed myself with 20 chicken breasts and rice and steak – and all the very boring to the plain things. It wasn’t the fun stuff, either. It wasn’t hamburgers and pizza and what have you.”

On boning up on the THOR comics and the origins of the Norse mythology as well …
“I started with the comic books, but I didn’t read all [of them],” he admits. “There are thousands of them – 40 to 50 years’ worth, but I certainly read enough to get a sense of who he was and the world he was from. And then I read some things on Norse mythology and this sort of fatalistic view they have that everything’s preordained and that leads the Vikings into this fearless sort of attitude in battle and with their lives. They certainly back their opinions and they’re not swayed easy. And that spoke volumes to me about the character. It was just about making it truthful and finding a way, a simpler way that I could relate to it. Instead of thinking, ‘How do I play a powerful god?’ it became about scenes between fathers and sons and brothers. You personalize that, and that helps ground the story, I think, for an audience and then we can relate to it and hopefully an audience can too.”

On working on the huge sets that were build for the film …
“We actually didn’t do a whole lot of green screen – we were lucky enough to work on these big, beautiful sets,” says Hemsworth who was also a fan of the exterior, CGI-created part of the world too. “I was blown away by the Asgardian palace and found it visually stunning – the waterfalls in space drifting off to nowhere and these ethereal castles which are a blend of Viking and futuristic elements in it.”

On working with director Kenneth Branagh …
“I had a great script and there were many different possibilities to the character,” says Hemsworth. “Ken was about exploring different ideas and not locking into one version. It was no longer walking that tightrope of right and wrong. Previous to this, I’ve been much more trying to micro-manage my performances and ‘my character only does this or this.’ Having Ken, someone you trust so much, give you that many options, it’s best experience I had. I completely gave in to his guidance and handed it over to him.”

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Article: THOR star Chris Hemsworth wields the Hammer of Marvel’s God of Thunder

THOR star Chris Hemsworth wields the Hammer of Marvel’s God of Thunder

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