June 25, 2018

90 Day Challenge

90 Day Challenge

Losing Weight and Quitting Smoking all at the same time with Visalus

Losing Weight and Quitting Smoking all at the same time with Visalus

Losing Weight and Quitting Smoking all at the same time with Visalus

Losing Weight and Quitting Smoking all at the same time with Visalus

Awhile back and I mean awhile back like over a year ago a friend of mine Tammy was telling me about this network marketing program that helps you lose weight and you can make a little income from called Visalus. The truth is, I don’t really care for network marketing. I don’t even understand it. But what I do know is internet marketing for in the field of SEO and SEM. I have been doing it for quite some time know.

Visalus, Network Marketing and Me…

Because I have really never understood network marketing, I never took Visalus all that serious. I mean seriously, I do search engine optimization and that’s what I do best. The best part is I love what I do and I am pretty damn good at. I just get it and most don’t.

What if… Visalus that is…

So here is what I have been thinking. What if? What if I could actually benefit from the Visalus program? Wouldn’t that be something? I have been watching people succeed with Visalus for some time now. Watching the before and after pictures. Hearing about the great income. People seem to be genuinely happy with what they’re doing.


Seriously, I need to lose weight. Don’t get me wrong I’m not obese or anything. I am just not happy with my weight. I’m 5’11 and weigh 197LBS. I really feel that I shouldn’t weigh more than a 160 to 165LBS. So I was curious about what my body fat index was. So I found this called HealthyForms.com to see what they said.

Measuring your waist… Huh?

So to calculate what my body fat the site asked me for some measurements. Well fair enough. I put in my height (5’11), put in my age (43), asked me male or female… I’m a male, easy enough. But then it asked me to measure my waist.

*Measuring your waist
Your waist measurement should be determined by measuring the distance around your natural waist which is located just above your navel.

Wow! To measure your natural waist, you need to measure just above your navel! Really! No Really! Well I did, never before have I ever measured above my navel… I was shocked… I was a whopping 45 inches… That’s pretty scary, I mean really scary since my pant size is still just a 34 waist. Ok don’t get me wrong, yes my pants are getting a little too tight, well way too tight…

I’m doing the 90 Day Challenge

My goal is to lose weight, want lose 35lbs in 90 days. I can do this and I will! But I think just like anybody else, you need a support system and because of this I am getting ready to sign up with Visalus and start doing there shake program. In February 2013 I am starting my 90 day challenge with the “Body By Vi” program. It’s a done deal!

Ugh… I want to quit smoking…

Yep, I smoke about a pack and a half a day. I have been smoking for years. I feel that if I’m going to lose this weight, I need to quit smoking at the same time. It’s a must. I am so sick of smoking and being overweight, it really makes you depressed… It’s going to be tough and I know this. But if I can lose weight and quit smoking, I know I will be so much happier. I know that I will have a clear head and be able to do more with my career. Most of all my boys Conner and Cody really want to quit and have for years. Leave it to a couple of 9yr olds to know best… Who’s the parent here…

I’m going to lose weight and quit smoking and here’s how…

I am going to lose weight and quit smoking by putting my ass out there… Yea I know it sounds bad, it’s the only way I can stop myself from giving up… So here is what I have planned I am going to pull a Jason Moffat on this thing. I am going to create a video everyday documenting what how this is going. No holding back, it’s going to be real. Each and every day I am going to post a video to my YouTube channel and share what is going on and how I am doing on it. Once I post the video, I am going to post that video to evisalus.com a site that I am creating right now just for this.
Lose Weight, Quit Smoking, Make a little money…

Yep lose weight, quit smoking and get paid for it… Sounds like a pretty good idea to. I hope you follow me in this journey…

Have Fun,
Chaz Key

Article: Losing Weight and Quitting Smoking all at the same time with Visalus
Article Source: Nine Eye Blog
Author: Chaz Key

Losing Weight and Quitting Smoking all at the same time with Visalus

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