November 19, 2018

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Chaz Key

Chaz Key Los Angeles SEO Expert

Chaz Key Los Angeles SEO Expert

I am Chaz Key and I have been doing SEO work since 2001. Back in 2001, things were different. A few meta tags here and a few links there and BAM you were on the front page of Google. What prompted me to learn SEO was just to rank a couple of websites for a company I was working for at the time. The idea was we were tired of having to pay high prices to newspapers for advertising to hire people and let me tell you, our company was paying through the nose. At the time we were paying on average $3000.00 to $6000.00 per month just to run ads in local newspapers, just shy of $50,000.00 a year. So the idea was to create a “Job Site” that people could come and share the experience with the company, (remember this was way before Social Media), hopefully enticing people to fill out an online job application. Needless to say, nobody came unless we put the domain name in the ad we were running at the time. Wow what a waste! The problem was if you did not know our company name or our website name, you were never going to find us. Big problem RIGHT? So back then I started to do a little research.

“No Idea what SEO or Search Engine Optimization is?”

At the time I had noidea what SEO or Search Engine Optimization was, I didn’t even know that SEO stood for Search Engine Optimization. So here I was put in charge of the company website, but I was smart enough to go out and find the right information. I read this and read that, still with very little understand. Some people would just say in you built a nice website, they will come,,,, NOT! Just build a website with nice content and they will come,,,, NOT! Don’t get me wrong good content is important! But it was just not driving the traffic. So I started an Google
Adwords campaign, because somebody else said the more traffic you receive, the higher in the SERP’s (Search Engine Return Pages) you will be, guess what I’m going to say,,,, NOT! The truth is this was a science that I had to master, now this isn’t rocket science by any means. But it really was a science! Things were changing rapidly, the SERP’s were in a constant battle with the spammers and the IM (Internet Marketer) crowed.

SEO Mistakes….

I can’t tell you how many mistakes I made, most I don’t want to even admit. The mistakes were an opportunity to learn what did not work and more over what really worked. One of my biggest mistakes was not doing my keyword research, to fully understand how people were searching for the jobs we offered. This is a mistake that every company makes. Back then there werent the tools like there are today. I consistently use Google’s Keyword Adwords Tools, it’s awesome, especially when I am talking to a client over the phone.

Still Ranking….

To this day, that very same site (ugly if I might say) is still ranking in the SERP’s for its original keywords. Every day that same ugly site generates 10 to 15 job applications from people who are searching for the type of job. People always complain, “Google changed the algorithms”, whatever! Look, if you build a site to rank and do it the right way, your site will rank. Usually the real case is, some other SEO or SEO company was hired to out rank you and guess what, they did!

Ask your SEO how they rank?

My best recommendation to finding the right SEO or SEO Company is to ask them how they rank. Most of them are going to say something like, “oh were not really concerned with rankings or our own site”, whatever “BULLSHIT”. If an SEO or SEO Company can’t rank for their
own backyard,,,, RUN! Because there only going to rank your website for nothing
or temporarily.

Finally My Very Own SEO Blog….

I look forward to maintaining this blog – FINALLY. I promise to only tell you the way it is! Not
what somebody else would like me to say. I also promise to bring you valuble informaion for the industry leaders….

Hope you enjoyed the read.


Chaz Key

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