October 23, 2018

A little about Page Rank

A little about Page Rank

I was inspired to write this post after reading “Google’s Matt Cutts on PR Updates“.  I thought this was a really interesting piece on Page Rank by Rob Young at Search Engine Journal and deserved a deeper review.

Myself and my own projects have seen a huge boost in Page Rank. This all after the big scary “Panda Update“. What I have found since the Panda Update, is that the guys that have been doing things right, really didn’t see a decrease in traffic. Some of my own projects have seen a boost in organic traffic from Google and again a boost in page rank.

A little about Page Rank

Let’s get something straight here, “Page Rank” is not the number one ranking factor! To a guy like me Page Rank is just an indicator about how strong a site maybe. Just because a site has a huge Page Rank, doesn’t mean the site is going to rank well in the search engines. Page Rank is determined by a number of factors. The main factor is who is linking to you. If several sites with a high Page Rank link to your site, they pass on what is called “Page Rank Juice or PR Juice” in the SEO world. The second factor in getting a higher Page Rank is the pure number of credible sites that link to your own site.

Higher Rankings in the SERP’s with a high Page Rank

Like I said above, “Page Rank is not the number one ranking factor”, but it helps. So what is the number one ranking factor? It’s Text Links! It’s how credible sites link to your site using “Text Links”. Most of you know or may not know, but Google is technically blind. This means Google can only read your site, they can’t actually see your site. Google counts on us, you me and everybody on the web to define what sites are about through text links. So if a site with a high Page Rank uses a text link, Google trusts the high Page Rank site to identify what a page is about. And by trusting a site with a high Page Rank, that site passes Pr Juice. It’s just like a vote or an introduction.

How many times have you been to a seminar or a concert and somebody of importance introduces somebody you have never heard of? Once the introduction is made there is a transfer of trust. With this transfer of trust comes authority. This is exactly what happens when one site links to another. The “Introduction” is the text link and the “Transfer of Trust” is the passing of PR Juice.

Text Links + Page Rank + Onsite Optimization = Higher Rankings
Text Links + Page Rank + Onsite Optimization = Higher Rankings


Text Links + Page Rank + Onsite Optimization

Text links from high Page Rank sites will ultimately help your ranking for your keywords. But, you need to respect your “Onsite Optimization“. If an incoming link says your

an “SEO Los Angeles“, the page that link is coming to needs to be optimized and should be optimized for those keywords, especially if you have control over those incoming links.




Google Counts on Us

Google is counting on us to define the web for the world. People will naturally link to other web pages that they find interesting. But they won’t always link the way you want them to. They will link to pages or articles with text links base on what they think the article or page is about.  Keep your pages well defined, so people who choose to link to you, know how to link to you.

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Article: A little about Page Rank


A little about Page Rank

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