July 19, 2018

What is CISPA? What Does CISPA Mean To You? Could CISPA affect you?

What is CISPA? What Does CISPA Mean To You? George Orwell - Animal Farm

What is CISPA? What Does CISPA Mean To You? Could CISPA affect you?

So everybody asking and including myself… What is CISPA?  What Does CISPA Mean? How will CISPA effect me? The truth is I had no know clue what CISPA was. I didn’t even know what CISPA meant. And I still don’t know how CISPA will affect me… So I started to do a little research and this is what I found.


What is CISPA?

CISPA stands for Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. CISPA was originally introduced as a way to define the standards of what federal investigation agencies and local law enforcement could and could not do. Originally the CISPA bill was designed to fight cyber crime, fight terrorism foreign and domestic. And of course protect children. Worst of all who could say NO to CISPA? You might be deemed as supporting terrorist… You might be deemed as not caring about our future…

Then just as anything else, the CISPA Bill began to morph into something different. No different than in George Orwell’s infamous book “Animal Farm”. It all started with good intentions to protect us, but from what? Ourselves? Or was it created because “they” wanted more control. But who is they? Maybe that question should be answered with questions. Who are we? What are willing to give up? At what cost is it worth to for us to give up our Fourth Amendment Right?

Fourth Amendment Right explained by Wikipedia

The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, along with requiring any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause. It was adopted as a response to the abuse of the writ of assistance, which is a type of general search warrant, in the American Revolution. Search and arrest should be limited in scope according to specific information supplied to the issuing court, usually by a law enforcement officer, who has sworn by it.

To really understand what CISPA is you need to break down what CISPA stands for “Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act”.

“Cyber Intelligence Sharing” and “Protection Act”

Let’s start with “Cyber Intelligence Sharing”. What does this mean? What can the government do? This could mean without your knowledge, without the permission of a court and with just an assumption or a presumed assumption the government can and will be watching and listening to anything you say or do online.


What Does CISPA Mean?

They can and will be kicking your Fourth Amendment rights straight to the curb. They can and will kick down your digital door and seize anything you have online. You have no rights to privacy online! Again it could be assumed that at anytime any US based government body could and can listen and watch everything you do online… and whatever you do in the digital world, personal or business. No different than listening to your personal phone calls. No different than reading your personal mail, oh wait were talking about digital rights here… Yes they can read your personal email without cause and with only an assumption. Scary! But wait a minute, think about it… If that phone call originated online… If you send an email… What about your digital diary… What about that special video you created… Well you guessed it… They now get full access…


“Cyber Intelligence Sharing” and “Protection Act”

Now we should be talking about the “Protection Act”. Who is CISPA really protecting us from? What is CISPA really protecting you from? I don’t think it’s about “Protection”. I think it’s more about the government is scared that they have no control. The government was not created to control us… The government was not created to control our thoughts… The government that was created was meant for “We the People”.

“We the People” and now “We the CISPA”…

"We the People" and now "We the CISPA"...

"We the People" and now "We the CISPA"...

Yes the internet is the still the “Wild, Wild West”. Yes there are problems on the internet. What are you really willing to give up to be safe? How many of your rights are you willing to give up to be protected? I don’t want the government in my bed, in my car or in my computer… And I sure as hell don’t want the government in my head…


Article: What is CISPA? What Does CISPA Mean To You? Could CISPA affect you?
Article Source: SEO Santa Clarita
Author: Chaz Key

Resources: John Lewis; Gov PDF; EDU

What is CISPA? What Does CISPA Mean To You? Could CISPA affect you?

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