December 12, 2018

Xtremesocal Review – Xtreme SoCal Santa Clarita CA – Bad or Good?

Xtreme SoCal Santa Clarita CA - Xtremesocal reviews

Xtremesocal Reviews

Xtreme SoCal Santa Clarita CA – Bad or Good?

Being a single dad and writing reviews about Xtreme SoCal AKA Xtremesocal has got to be the coolest thing ever! When I first learned about Xtreme SoCal, I had really thought it was too good to be true. I mean really what do you ever get for $99.95 that isn’t a scam? No I mean really what can you get that promises absolute adrenaline for $99.95 like paintball, scuba diving, skateboard lessons, snowboarding, kickboxing and the list goes on and on… Well I just found out what you can get for $99.95!

Xtreme SoCal Adventures of Santa Clarita, CA

Xtreme SoCal Adventures of Santa Clarita, CA offers just that! Sometimes as a single parent being able to give you kids the world is really hard. But with XtremeSoCal, I can do just that. When you start to add up what you would pay just for a surf lesson that would cover the cost of the entire Xtreme SoCal pass.
Check out these Xtreme Adventures!

The Warm Up With Xtreme SoCal Adventures…

Get started in the warm up with your free consultation with a nutritional coach , enjoy yoga, dance, kickboxing, etc. (I’m feeling like the kickboxing will do it here for us)

Get Wet With Xtreme SoCal Adventures…

Imagine learning to surf or go scuba diving. Then explore different and always changing Xtreme Water Adventures. (Yep, it’s the surf and scuba diving for us)

Get Dirty With Xtreme SoCal Adventures…

Make sure you check out the Dirt Bike or street bike lesson, go air-softing, paintball,take a skateboard lesson, go horseback riding .You decide on what you want to do first! (Don’t think my kids will being the street bike lesson’s any time soon)

Cool It With Xtreme SoCal Adventures…

Why not hit up MT. Baldy with our free all day anytime lift ticket. And we get to pick snowboarding or skiing! (Yea, I see us chilling on Mt. Baldy this winter)

Are You Ready for the XtremeSoCal Adventure?

Yea like I said, “Are You Ready for the XtremeSoCal Adventure?” When you’re really ready to get xtreme, try out the sky diving and racing with R.A.D. racing at Willow Springs Raceway! (No, I don’t see my kids doing any sky diving in the near future… But maybe I could get Miss Awesome to go with me :)

Xtremesocal Reviews

Like I said at the beginning of this review about Xtreme SoCal Adventures in Santa Clarita, CA this has got to be the very best and most awesome review I have ever had the chance to write. Being about to write about the extreme adventures that me and my kids are going to get to take on this summer are just some of those priceless moments that you can’t put a price on…

What is it about Xtreme SoCal Adventures…

For those of you who know me or who follow me, know I am not afraid to say “What is it about Xtreme SoCal Adventures” truthfully and honestly! Yes I am an SEO guy, Yes I am a public relations guy… But not for this article. This article is all about the adventure! You would think that I was there public relations guy or something… Not! I haven’t paid a penny for this review. I wonder if they will read this and send me some free passes. Hmm…

You can learn more about them here: Xtreme SoCal Adventures Santa Clarita, CA

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Article: Xtremesocal review – Xtreme SoCal Santa Clarita CA – Bad or Good?
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Author: Chaz Key
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Xtremesocal review - Xtreme SoCal Santa Clarita CA

Xtremesocal Review

Xtreme SoCal Santa Clarita CA

Bad or Good?

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