October 23, 2018

Did you know Spider Bots are Blind?

Did you know Spider Bots are Blind?3 Blind Mice or Maybe compared to Blind Spider Bots

That’s right “Spider Bots are Blind”, they can’t see your pretty website pretty pictures, fancy flash, or really cool videos.  All they can do is read. Just like “Blind People” who read brail, they read a language. Spider Bots crawl your web site for content via text and text links just like your reading now.  They can read the size of your text, the bold text and the color of your text.  People for a while we’re trying to trick Spider Bots in believing the content was there by hiding text in different colors, but just like people they get smart and look for and compare the your text color to your page color.  How is this possible, it’s in the code of your web site? So only deliver quality content that you would be willing to deliver to your customers and readers and the spider bots will love your site.

Spider Bots are “Trying to make sense of your Web Site”!

Everybody believes that Search engines are sophisticated machines and they are. Have you ever been to a web site and just didn’t have a clue what you were supposed to do or what it’s about? Or how about a site you just got flustered with the web site and simply hit that famous “Back Button” because you couldn’t find your way around the site.  Spider Bots do the same thing, they are programmed to leave a web site that they can’t make sense of or navigate around.  When performing Search Engine Optimization on your web site you need to make it easy for Spider Bots to find what they’re looking for, just like your customers.

Your Web Site should be organized and Spider Friendly, also known as Search Engine friendly.

Things you should consider when optimizing your web site:

URL Structure:

Like this:


Not Like this:


Site Maps for Search Engines

Sites Maps for Google.com

Sites Maps for Yahoo.com

Site Maps for your Customers so they can navigate through your pages Title Tags

Each Title Tag should be different describing your page with your keywords and appealing to users to click on.

Each should be different with an appealing description of what the page offers using your keywords.
Meta Keyword Tags

A lot of SEO guys say it doesn’t matter, maybe there just too lazy and don’t want to add them to your site.  Do not keywords stuff these, come up with about 5 to 10 Keywords that describe what your are about and make sure they are relevant.

A lot of SEO Companies are going to say Meta Tags are not important, that’s a myth or an outright lie in my opinion. If Meta Tags are not important, why is Google still tracking them in your “Google WebMaster Tools” account?  Just something for you to think about.

Article: Did you know Spider Bots are Blind?
Article Source: Nine Eye Blog

Did you know Spider Bots are Blind?

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