June 25, 2018

Local Search Engine Blueprint

Local Search Engine Blueprint

What is the Local Search Engines Blueprint? The “Local Search Engine Blueprint” is a complete how to system for

Local Search Engine Blueprint

Local Search Engine Blueprint

dominating ones local search market. While the traditional Yellow Pages is now swiftly on its way to becoming an extinct dinosaur. Local business owners who offer local products and or local services can now dominate their local market. Created by Chaz Key (Me), I use this same exact system, not just for my company Nine Eye Interactive Media, but also for my clients. Like I had this one company that offered local tutoring services. The need was to dominate the most important and valuable markets throughout the Los Angeles area. Traditional SEO was going to take awhile, huge competition for this market. Not only that, but the local Google organic searches were dominated by Google Local aka Google Maps aka Google Places. You see last year when Google started to display Google Maps as Google Places this was a real game changer. All those poor companies that had paid $1000′s for Local SEO services were now no longer on the front page of Google for their keywords. Google Places now totally dominated the front page. Scary, right? Not really and here’s why. If you know and understand Google Places, you can optimize it for your local services and local products. With the help of the Local Search Engine Blueprint you can do exactly this!

The Local Search Engine Blueprint is an advanced course!

You see the Blueprint was created as though it was teaching another Local SEO company how to rank a local company and dominate ones local market. This would be everything and all the steps that our company would do for another company and we would charge between $1500 and $2500 just for setting this up, not to mention the $300 to $600 per month charge for continually monitoring, updating and optimizing the local listing.

The Local Search Engine Blueprint has never failed!

Brave statement right? But it’s true, to this day the Local Search Engine Blueprint has never failed! And we plan on keeping this record. Even in a tough market like Los Angeles.

What the Local Search Engine Blueprint is not!

  • It’s not about teaching how to start a business
  • It’s not about Google Adwords
  • It’s not about SEO
  • It’s not about PPC
  • It’s not about paying for lead generation
  • No cold calling

It’s all about driving online customers to your offline business! Our company has a zero advertising budget, yes that’s right a zero advertising budget! Our customers find us! A customer who finds you is going to be more valuable.


The Local Search Engine Blueprint is slowly being release to a select few. You cannot buy it at the current time, unless you’re invited to a webinar. Don’t worry this will change in about 3 to 6 months. If your interested in being invited to a webinar please visit the Local Search Engine Blueprint and join the waiting list.

Until then have fun!

Chaz Key


Article Source: NineEye.com

Article: Local Search Engine Blueprint

Author: Chaz Key

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I am a local SEO here in Los Angeles. I love to write and express myself. Using the power of the internet to educate and motivate. Don't forget to connect with any of the Social Media Sites! The internet is more than just a platform to make money, the internet is a voice to be heard... Chaz Key


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