December 12, 2018

What is the official definition of “Organic SEO” vs. “SEO”?

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So today a friend of mine Bridget Brady ask me this question “What is the “official” definition of”Organic SEO” vs. “SEO“?” The truth is there is absolutely no short answer to this… When I felt that I had answered this question, I couldn’t believe how long this had gotten and believed it should be shared with the world to see… If you find this post a good read, republish it and link back to it… You have my permission as long as you link back to the original post.





So here is goes…

What is the “official” definition of “Organic SEO” vs. “SEO”?

Hmm… You have had me thinking about this since I seen your message in the car earlier today…  I have never been asked this. Believe it or not I have created entire workshop just around this question. But nobody has ever phrased this question as you have…

There is no short answer to this…

Here’s why…

You need to look at SEO as “ART”.

Here’s what I mean…


SEO starts with creating “Authority”.  But what creates “Authority”? Authority comes from other sites recognizing that you are the authority on a particular subject or maybe a category.


You can’t really be the authority on a subject if your site is not relevant and creates so much “Relevance” that it becomes the “Authority” on a subject or category… If your site creates and produces so much “Relevance” on the subject that I can searching for an answer, I might link to you or pass a vote to you proclaiming you are the “Authority”.  You see you really can’t become the “Authority” until the world see’s you as the site that has created “Relevance”…  “Organic SEO” comes for creating the “Authority” and “Relevancy”…


When creating “Authority” and “Relevance” this has to be done through “Transparency”. Nobody likes to believe that they were led or influenced to believe that somebody or a site is the “Authority”…   Better yet nobody wants to believe that they were influence on the fact that they found a site that was relevant to what they needed and called it the “Authority”.  Now this is where the “SEO” comes in… A good SEO will always do this through “Transparency”…


You see all “Organic SEO” must be done through creating ART and ART = Authority, Relevance, Transparency…

Now back to the original question “official” definition of “Organic SEO” vs. “SEO”? You can’t have “SEO” without “Organic SEO” and you can’t have “Organic SEO” without “SEO” because true SEO is an ART and it must be created…


Authority + Relevancy = Organic SEO and Transparency = SEO


Sorry for the long answer… But there is so much more to your question than one would really think.

Article: What is the “official” definition of “Organic SEO” vs. “SEO”?
Article Source: Santa Clarita SEO
Author: Chaz Key
Resources: Google; Google; Wiki

What is the official definition of “Organic SEO” vs. “SEO”?

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  1. Chaz, thanks for that great answer!! I’ll take that as the official definition…at least for now. :)

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