June 25, 2018

Interior Designers Montrose – Fail from the beginning!


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Interior Designers Montrose – Fail from the beginning!

How negative, right! Interior Designers Montrose – Fail from the beginning! But as we all know negative headlines sale.

I’m sitting here at Starbucks intrigued, distracted and fascinated by all the people who just don’t get it!

Anyway that’s so not what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about the two young ladies putting together a new interior design company. Honestly I shouldn’t even be sitting here writing this. I could be working on ten other projects and just finishing one, right. But the geeky side of me has over taken me, once again! The poor girls are putting together a new company on a shoe string budget. One said hey “let’s give away $5 dollar gift cards to Starbucks” and then “stated that could get expensive“. Yea you got that right, because the money you would have to pay just to give away a $5 gift card by driving traffic to your website that nobody will ever find! Cruel I know.

Interior Designers Montrose – Fail from the beginning!

Yes I have to go back to the negative headline! Because it’s all true.

Here’s what you should really be doing:

1.       Website - that is optimized for your market – “Interior Designers Montrose” but as I should you, nobody is looking for “Interior Designers Montrose”, your real market is any other place than Montrose, maybe like Los Angeles or Santa Monica.


2.       Facebook - creating and a Facebook fan following – yes nice – your friends and family are going to be your best 1st customers, yea I know cheesy, but something has to pay the bills.


3.       Twitter – While Twitter can difficult to create a real following that will pay off, it’s a good start.


4.       Free download – Maybe a PDF, you know ebook – “7 Deadly ways an Interior Designer can destroy your home”.


5.       Google Maps – Total value here! Get listed on Google Maps! One of you lives in Santa Monica and the other lives in Montrose – BAM! Two address right from the get go that can be optimized for “Interior Designers Montrose” or “Interior Designers Santa Monica” the open a Postal Box in Los Angeles and optimize that listing for “Interior Designers Los Angeles”

The truth is with a little basic knowledge and taking the internet serious not just the internet, the Local Internet. You will be on a healthy way to a successful local business. Oh and by the way you should also join the waiting list for the Local Search Engine Blueprint. Your going to need it, if you want to dominate Google Local!

Oh and one more thing, if you can’t figure all this out, try hiring a business coach. I know a really good one and her name is Tammy Burnell a Los Angeles Business Coach. She is really good, but I don’t think you can afford her.

Have Fun,

Chaz Key SEO Los Angeles - Expert

Chaz Key SEO Los Angeles – Expert

Chaz Key

Article Source: Nine Eye

Article: Interior Designers Montrose – Fail from the beginning!

Author: Chaz Key

Interior Designers Montrose – Fail from the beginning!

Resources: Interior Designers, National Council for Interior Design Qualification


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