October 19, 2018

SEO Tip #1 – Unique content for each of your Product Pages – SEO Tips

SEO Tips for ecommerce sites - SEO Optimization Tips - 12 SEO Tips

SEO Tips for ecommerce sites - SEO Optimization Tips - 12 SEO Tips

SEO Tip #1:

“Unique content for each of your Product Pages”

Unique content for each of your Product Pages - SEO TipsCreating unique content will set you apart from existing websites. Create content that is unique to each of your products with proper “Title Tags” and “Meta Tags”. Make sure you create supporting pages using “Category Pages”. Giving search engines a chance to understand all of your pages.

In the first SEO Tips of the series of SEO Tips for ecommerce sites” we need to talk about original and unique content for each of your products you plan to market online. Having a page that is unique to each of your products is essential to a successful SEO – Search Engine Optimization Campaign. Each of your products are just as important as the other products you plan to sell. By creating a unique page for each of your products, you creating a doorway for Search Engines to send you new free organic traffic.

Attract Search Engines and Attract New Customers…

The reason why we want to create doorways to each of our products is that we want to Search Engines to display each of our products to web searchers as unique pages. For example let’s say our product is “SEO”, we would want to create a page just for “SEO – Search Engine Optimization“. But having a page just about SEO isn’t really going to set us apart from our competition. So we need to drill down further into our niche and for us that is “SEO Los Angeles“. We want to attract web searchers that our looking for SEO companies in Los Angeles. By creating a page just about “SEO Los Angeles” we are now setting ourselves apart from our competition and receiving a greater chance to be considered unique by Search Engines.

You will fail if you don’t do this correctly…

Now what if we didn’t do this? The fact is there is so much competition for SEO Services in the world, that we would never have a chance to be found for what were good at. I am not just talking about SEO Companies or Los Angeles SEO Companies either, I’m talking about the amount of pages that are found on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the other search providers. The amount of web sites that Search Engines are displaying are mind blowing and everybody is competing for the same “CLICK”. Set your ecommerce site apart from the competition! If you do this correctly, you will drive new customers to your site and we all know new customers equal new dollars!

SEO Tips – “The How To”

How do you create new pages for each of your ecommerce products?

For SEO Tip #1 we are going to concentrate on what’s commonly called “On Page Optimization” or “On Site Optimization”. Don’t worry I made these SEO Tips easy!

There are four basic elements to a page that needs to be concentrated on to attract Search Engines to display your pages in the “Search Results”.

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Page Title
  • Body content

How To Write Title Tags?

Title tags are the first thing your web searchers will see and they are going to become one of the most important factors to Search Engines in the beginning. Title Tags need to be relevant and written in less than 70 characters to display correctly within most Search Engines. But more importantly they need to be written to match what is going to be in our “Meta Tags” “Page Title” and “Body Content”. Make sure to use a Title Tag that is 100% relative to the product that we want displayed in the Search Engines. Use the Product Name, Product Model Number and if your wanting to sell this product locally use the city and state that the product is located in.

How To Write “Meta Tags”

Meta Tags used to be a lot more important than in today’s world. BUT… they still carry a lot of weight when used correctly. The “Meta Tag” call the “Description Tag” is a huge ranking factor, but only when used correctly. Meta Description Tags are a chance for you to describe your product and web searchers a very likely to read these in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). So you need to write these for both “Real People” and “Search Engines”. Most Search Engines only give you a 170 Characters to describe your page and what a web searcher (“Real Person”) will find on your page. You need to make sure your “Meta Description” matches what is in your “Title Tag”, “Page Title” and “Body Content”. Make sure to include your Product Name, Product Model Number and a brief description. If your wanting to sell this product locally use the city and state that the product is located in. Sounds like a repeat right? But it’s important and again “MAKE SURE” your “Meta Description Tag” matches your “Title Tag”, “Page Title” and “Body Content”. Of course you’re going to use your most important keywords.

How To Write a “Page Title”

Commonly known as an “H1 Tag” carries a tremendous amount of weight to your “On Page Optimization”. Essentially you are telling Search Engines What your page is all about. There are multiple “H Tags” ranging from “H1 to H6″, each defining what a page is about and what a section of a page is about. Just like I mentioned about “Title Tags” and “Meta Tags”, your “H1 Page Title Tag” must match what is mentioned in your “Title Tags”, “Meta Tags” and “Body Content” to receive the most value. Don’t forget to use your most important keywords in your H1 Page Title Tag!

How To Write “Body Content”

“Body Content” is the content that you are going to place on your “Product Page”. This is going to be read by everybody who visits your page. Not only read by “Real People” but read by “Spider Bots“. This is where you must make everything come together. Your most important keywords must be within the “Body Content” on your page! Here is where “Keyword Density is going to play a big role. “Keyword Density” is used like percentage scoring. For every 100 words, each time you use your keyword is 1%. If your body content has 100 words and you use your keyword 5 times, your body content has a keyword density of 5%. The ideal “Keyword Density” should be 3.5% to 5%. Anything over 5% could be considered to be spammy to “Spider Bots”, not just Spider Bots but people too. Just like I explained previously, your “Body Content” must match your “Title Tag”, “Meta Tags” and “Page Title”.

Be very creative and unique with your content. Do your best to stay away from duplicating content that is on other website! Google does not have a “Duplicate Content Penalty”, Google does have a “Duplicate Content Filter”. Stay away from duplicate content! “Create Unique Content” to every product you are selling on your site.

Hope you enjoyed “SEO Tip #1: Unique content for each of your Product Pages“. This is the first of a series of SEO Tips from Nine Eye Interactive Media.

For more details on each SEO Tip, make sure to read the related articles that I will be posting for each SEO Tip.

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SEO Tips for ecommerce sites - SEO Optimization Tips - 12 SEO Tips

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