September 19, 2018

Justin Quick Expert Copywriter

Justin Quick - Expert Copywriter? Or just a goofy picture of some guy?

Justin Quick Expert Copywriter

Justin Quick Expert Copywriter? Is he an expert copywriter? Well I had the privilege of meeting Justin Quick at a marketing event in Las Vegas and I would say he is an expert. At least this is what

Justin Quick - Expert Copywriter? Or just a goofy picture of some guy?

Justin Quick - Expert Copywriter?

everybody else is saying about.  This guy has worked with some of the greats. Just to name a few James Jones founder of Micro Niche Finder, Tim Castleman creator of “Marketing Advice For The Real World” online master of the off line world (at least this is what everybody is saying), or how about “E Brian Rose” author and founder of “Internet Marketing Strategies”, another phenomenal internet marketer.

Quite honestly I had no reason to higher an expert copywriter. Didn’t really care to hire a so called “Expert Copywriter“.  Although after meeting Justin Quick the expert copywriter in person at the internet marketing event in Las Vegas, I totally changed my views on this subject. The truth was, I was in need of an expert copywriter. I mean come on I’m Chaz Key and I’m the “SEO Los Angeles Expert” and I created the most awesome book and training course called the “Local Search Engine Blueprint“. But one problem, I am a “Geeky SEO” yes, I just called myself and “Geek”.  I can put anything at the top of the search engine, too easy…

What I didn’t have was an Expert Copywriter

Although like I said before, I didn’t need an expert copywriter, I had a great product. The truth is, just because you can create an awesome product, doesn’t mean you can sell it just by saying it’s good.

I was sold he was an “Expert Copywriter”

I was sold he was an “Expert Copywriter” when I read one of his blog post called “How A Top Ad Expert Can Add A Zero To The End Of Your Sales Figures…Really”. In this post he really nails the point of why you should hire an expert copywriter.

Here’s a clip from the article itself:

Marketers need swipe files.

A swipe file is just a fancy name for a collection of headlines, ads, and other marketing materials.

You see, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. If you want to get across the country, it doesn’t take much logic to go and get your car and drive there or buy an airplane ticket and fly there. Naturally, you just wouldn’t feel the need to be creative and find some “new” way to get there.

But that’s exactly what you see in marketing all the time and it is irrational. People just think they have to be creative and make up new marketing ideas and tactics.

There is no need to be original when it comes to your marketing ideas. Certain individuals and companies pour billions of dollars into their advertising and know more about the subject than you could ever dream to. Why fight that?

The best marketers I know…copy others. The intelligent marketer can look at what someone else is doing (that’s profitable) and make it work, in some cases even better, for themselves.

So here is a piece for your collection and I’m sure that for many of you, this may be your first piece. But that’s okay!

Totally a must read if you have the time.

Well in the meantime I feel I made a great choice in hiring “Justin Quick the Expert Copywriter”. I mean really can all these people be wrong?

Have Fun,

Chaz Key

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Article: Justin Quick Expert Copywriter

Author: Chaz Key

Justin Quick Expert Copywriter

By the way Justin I posted this just after I text you and asked you if you had internet on your phone.


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