November 16, 2018

Title Tag Mistakes and How To Avoid Them – How to write Title Tags?

Title Tag Mistakes and How To Avoid Them - How to write Title Tags?

Title Tag Mistakes and How To Avoid Them – How to write Title Tags?

Title Tag Mistakes and How To Avoid Them - How to write Title Tags?

Title tags are extremely important for several reasons, most important title tags show up in the Search Engines and are the first thing potential new searchers (customers) see.  Title tags show up in the search results as blue hyper links.  I can’t begin to tell you how crucial title tags are to your SEO Search Engine Optimization.  Title tags are not just the first thing people see indicating web searchers have found what they were looking for, but the they are the first thing Search Engines read and begin to score for higher placement.

Title tags should be written to match what is on your page. Remember we are trying to define what our page is about. Think of title tags as the name of a book, you are trying to get consumers to take your book from the shelf.  Now let’s switch gears here, were also trying to get index and placed where people can find our book. Title tags should be written with your keywords that you want to be found for, better yet what people are searching for!

Title Tags are the first thing Search Engine Read

Let’s look at some of the worst ways to optimize your title tags.

Home Page or Home Page in the Title Tag

What a major mistake! How many people are really looking for “Home Page”, better yet your homepage in Google? The answer is they’re not! Don’t waste this valuable real estate to junk keywords that have no benefit to your page.

Title Tags Too Long

70 Characters – Search Engines will only display 70 characters in the search results. So craft your title tags to meet these guidelines if you really care about what you are optimizing.

Title Tags Too Short

Remember, people are looking for a something, a solution, an answer, maybe a way to fix something. Look at how you got to this page. You can’t be very descriptive in one or two words.  You get 70 characters, now use them.

No Keywords in Title Tag

Really…? Look the only way you’re going to get found for your keywords is to display your keywords. You need to use keywords in your title tag that match what is in your page content. Do your best to be descriptive using keywords you know people are searching for.

Irrelevant Title Tags

Irrelevant title tags are a great way to kill all your work.  Think about it, you spent 1, 2 maybe 6 hours on creating a masterpiece and now you’re going to kill it some stupid title tag that has nothing to do with what your page is about… Remember to have relevant title tags. To create a relevant title tag, make sure that you have the same keywords on your page.

Title Tags with your Business Name

This is a yes and no moment. Because I can’t begin to tell you how many businesses can’t be found for their own “Business Name”. Yes you should and must optimize some of your title tags with your business name. No you should not optimize all your pages with your business name.

Title Tags for Local Businesses

If you have a local business, don’t just optimize for your keywords and forget the your city name. People are getting more hip on Local SEO. Look at it this way, if your an SEO Company in Santa Clarita, then say it with something like “SEO Santa Clarita“. Maybe you do business in other cities like Los Angeles, build a new page with new content and title it with something like “SEO Los Angeles“. Google loves local businesses.

Spammy Title Tags Suck

Don’t try to trick anybody and especially the search engines. Look try to use your keywords about two times. Look at the title of this page:

“Title Tag Mistakes and How To Avoid Them – How to write Title Tags?”

Title Tag and Title Tags are not my keywords, but they do help. The keywords are “Title Tag Mistakes” and “How to Write Title Tags

Look whatever you do, remember this one rule. “Your best foot first”. When writing your title tags, keep your best foot first. Take some extra time to write your title tags. If your writing content for new traffic to your website, take a minute to find out what people are really looking for. My favorite too for keyword research is Google. They will tell you what people really want to find.

Article: Title Tag Mistakes and How To Avoid Them – How to write Title Tags?
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