July 19, 2018

Johnny Rockets – Bad Service – Universal City Walk

Johnny Rockets Empty Place and Bad service

Johnny Rockets – Bad Service – Universal City Walk

I know what a negative title “Johnny Rockets – Bad Service – Universal City Walk“. The truth is I shouldn’t really be writing about my experience. I should just be a Johnny Rockets Receiptgood quite citizen and say forget about it. But I can’t! People really don’t understand the power of the internet. I have a voice, you have a voice and today I want to tell my story about Johnny Rockets and my bad service that I received at the Universal City Walk location.

Now before you start reading my story about Johnny Rockets at Universal City Walk and my  Bad Service, I do want you to know this is not the normal and not all locations offer bad service. I have eaten at the Johnny Rockets in Valencia, CA in Town Center and receive absolutely great service, especially from a waitress by the name of Mandy. She’s supper cool and my Boys really like her. I have also had lunch at the Johnny Rockets in Encino and receive relatively decent service, sad part is I really don’t remember that one all that well, except for the poor parking. Darn it, there I go all negative again. Did this one experience put a bad taste in my mouth for Johnny Rockets? I hope not…

OK, my story “Johnny Rockets – Bad Service – Universal City Walk”

I was trying to figure out what to do. It was Fathers Day and I wanted to go out and do something special with my Boys. So I asked my Boys… “Where do you want to go?” Both said Disney, no I don’t want to drive that far, besides it’s Fathers Day and I just want to take it easy. So again “Where do you want to go?” and one of them pops off with Hollywood, that’s what he calls Universal City Walk. Ok, this sounds good. But we need to eat and the next question “Where do you want to eat In and Out Burger or Johnny Rockets?” one pops off with “In And Out Burger” and the other pops off with Johnny Rockets. Now I have to cast the remaining vote. And as you know, I chose Johnny Rockets, bad choice!

We got the Plan!

This is perfect, Johnny Rockets for a late lunch, then Universal Studios and top it off with a movie at AMC Universal City Walk. They have been wanting to see Green Lantern.

Now Johnny Rockets!

So it starts out just like any other trip to Johnny Rockets. We have a little routine. First we eat at Johnny Rockets and then a movie at AMC Universal City Walk. Although today were going add Universal Studios to the mix. Sounds fun, right?

Ok back to Johnny Rockets, this is what we’re talking about.  Well we enter Johnny Rockets and it’s pretty dead, especially for a Sunday afternoon. But oddly enough we find ourselves waiting for about 5 minutes or less. The hostess is about to seat us at a table, but I ask for a booth. She wasn’t really happy about this, so I pointed out a booth, a bunch of booths as a matter of fact. She explains she has to check to see if there available. Fine we will wait again, no big deal.  So we get seated, the Boys immediately ask the waitress for some crayons and some paper to color. But she says they don’t have any. The sad part is I think they did because on the way out, I saw some. Really sad!

Time to Order!

Now remember it’s not a busy day. But here we are waiting to order. Waiting, waiting, waiting, yea time to order. Christine our waitress comes to take our order. She seemsJohnny Rockets Empty Place and Bad service nice at first sight. Well were ready to order, shoot we have been waiting for at least 10 minutes, we know what we want. So I order a bowl of chili, two egg salad sandwiches with no lettuce, just mayonnaise on both sides and fries, oh and don’t forget toasted for me and my one sons. For my other son, he’s easy, kids hot dog meal. For drinks we order three Root Beers. I also mention to bring the chili before the food…

Jonny Rockets and the bad service starts!

Well our drinks come! I guess you can’t screw up three Root Beers. So were waiting, don’t really remember how long, me and the boys were messing around and time was kind of moving along. I had enough time to record a video of one of my sons goofing around and post it to FaceBook.

The Food Arrives…

Here comes the food. Our waitress didn’t bring it, she kind of disappeared, the manager Jose brings our food. I immediately see the egg salad sandwiches have lettuce on them and the bread is not toasted. So I had them back and tell Jose how they were supposed to be made. WOW! You would have thought I totally insulted this guy by asking him to bring the food the right way. What a JERK! And it got worse… They bring my other sons kids hot dog plate, cool everything’s right on this one. But… No napkins, no silverware, no nothing… So I try to get their attention, nope… Next I get up to find some, my 7 year old son had already made a mess. Imagine that…  Bam there’s Jose again, looking like a bully. “What do you need” in a rude voice! I said, I need some place settings anJohnny Rockets Manager Jose - The Jerk!d napkins. “Oh, I was about to bring those”. Whatever, total liar. He wasn’t about to bring anything.

Here comes the egg salad sandwiches and I noticed not fries. When he originally brought the wrong food there were fries. Where did the fries go? I was about to ask and Jose immediately walked off rudely to go hang out behind the counter.

Nobody comes back…

Yep, nobody comes back. The boys needed refills on their drinks. I was wondering what ever happened to those fries. Oh what about that chili too? Man you would have thought these people were serving food at “Mels Rude Diner” or something. Well Christine finally comes back and brings the boys refills, but no refill for me. So I whipped out my iphone and beganJohnny Rockets My Empty Glass taking pictures. As I was taking a picture of my empty glass, our waitress runs over and asks do you need a refill? Yep sure do. Still no fries, still no chili. So ask here, where’s the chili and fries? She looks at me with a dumb look and I told her, don’t worry, we really didn’t want our fries or chili, it was just something I ordered. Yes I was being a smart ass by now.

I would like the Managers name and number…

So wanted the Managers name and number and I asked for it. Christine walked off, I thought she was going to bring back Jose or something, nope he never showed up. I waited for about 3 to 5 minutes and finally she brings me this card. She hands me the card and begins to walk away. As the smart ass that I am, I told her as she was walking away “make sure you search Google in the morning for Johnny Rockets Bad Service, Universal City Walk”. WOW, what a look I got! And then she says I would like to know what was  wrong. Whatever you knew what was wrong, your manager knew what was wrong and you did nothing about it, you didn’t care until I told you to search Google tomorrow for “Johnny Rockets Bad Service”.

Whether its Johnny Rockets or any other place that offers a service, you need to be careful! We live in a new world where before we were silent, now each of us have access to the world and can tell our stories.

Johnny Rockets at Universal City Walk, you need to clean up your act and treat people like customers!

Article Source: Nine Eye Blog

Article: Johnny Rockets – Bad Service – Universal City Walk

Author: Chaz Key

Johnny Rockets – Bad Service – Universal City Walk

This article is the view and personal experience of Chaz Key. I wrote the article to tell me story. You should start to tell your stories, people might start to think about the customer a little more.


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