Hello My Name is Chaz Key. Thanks for stoping by eViSalus.com, hope you learn a lot about ViSalus here.

Hello! I am Chaz Key and I am an SEO expert.

If you don’t know what an SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means that I make websites or web businesses popular and easy to be found on “Search Engines” like Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Seriously take a minute and think about how you found eViSalus.com. Most of you reading this found it because you were searching on the Internet for a solution or needed an answer.  Or maybe somebody shared the link with you because they found it for you.  Either way your here and your reading this, right…?

Yes I put all this information here for you to find it! And All with SEO!

Now don’t take this next part personal – obliviously I put the information on this eViSalus.com, but I did more than just build a website, I optimize the site. When I was done optimizing the site, I added a little SEO fairy dust and pow it was on top of Google! Whatever Right!  No really I did optimize this site and then I did optimize Google, Yahoo and Bing to place my information above other peoples information all through what I like to call “SEO ART”. If you join my eViSalus newsletter, maybe one day I will tell you about it.

Chaz Key and ViSalus and eViSalus – How did it happen?

ViSalus - Body By Vi Challenge - ViSalus at eViSalus.comYou see what happen was this early this year a good friend of mine was telling me all about ViSalus and what a great company they have become. You couldn’t stop with her excitement.  Personally I was a little leery, no I was really leery. I mean really… Another MLM Scam? Another Network Marketing Scam? I didn’t want anything to do with it, I thought to myself. I have been burned by two MLM Scams, Network Marking Scams or whatever you want to call it in the past.


Is ViSalus a Scam?

I mean really is ViSalus a scam? That was the question here that needed to be answered.  And I was going to find out. Look, I am really good at finding information on the internet, I have to do this every day just doing research about other companies Search Engine rankings. After searching and searching and doing my personal research, I do not believe that ViSalus is a scam in any way.  As a matter of fact they seem to be a very stable and profitable company.

What I found…

During my research about ViSalus, I started to find some common denominators. One that just blew me away was that nobody was really competing on the internet. Those that were competing were doing really, really good. I called my friend who introduced me to ViSalus and asked what is a “Ambassador”. She explained to me that most Ambassadors for ViSalus were making $15,000+ per month. WOW I thought! But there was one common denominator with each of these “ViSalus Ambassadors” that I found on the internet, each one had a really nice web presence. Each one had a website that was “Search Engine Friendly”.  This was huge to an internet geek like me.

So here I am…

First I want to get healthier, I mean really I am not healthy and I need to lose weight. Don’t get me wrong, I am not overly over weight. I just need to lose about 30 pounds. There’s one more problem, I eat like crap.

I’m Taking the 90 Day Challenge with ViSalus…

So I decided not only to market ViSalus, but I want to take the ViSalus 90 Day Challenge. Who knows, maybe I can win a ViSalus BMW or win the ViSalus Cruise, wouldn’t that be awesome. Shoot I would be happy wining any of the ViSalus Prizes.

Show your support for me…

Well I am going to be blogging and documenting my entire ViSalus 90 Day Challenge experience, so please help me out and show your support and follow my progress with my email newsletter.  I will let you know how I am doing both physically and on the marketing side.

Until then Have Fun!,

Chaz Key

PS: don’t for get to join my newsletter!

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